Montenegro Real Estate Market


The accession process of the European Union and the rapid signing of many international conventions have increased the interest of Montenegro in Europe. In the field of real estate development, it has increased to the forefront in the areas of investment.

Development of up to 10% on the basis of euro and project investment between 20% and 60% gross income…

Real estate prices 2016 4. Quarter to 2017 4. while the change in the quarter was 10.6%, annual change was around 4.95%. If a rental income is to be considered, it is becoming a valuable investment.


Investing as a “developer” in the commercial real estate or housing market is very volatile. A well-planned project provides a gross income of between 20% and 60%.

Moncon investment provides you with consulting services with the right feasibility rationale for both its rich portfolio and all processes of the project. We are waiting for you with a different portfolio for your “commercial real estate” investments in tourism or other areas.

Housing Market


Montenegro Statistics Office has made great efforts for Health Statistics. When data from official and informal sources are analyzed, housing investments rank first. Is this not a natural consequence given the European interest focused on “holiday” and “retirement”?

“Montenegro’s rapid progress in the EU process has increased the interest of EU citizens in housing… ” The Telegraph

Montenegro’s capital in real estate prices 2016 4. Quarter to 2017 4. the change in the quarter was 4.56%, while the annual change was around 5.24%. What area will the development follow? While there are developments in the country that exceed 10% on the basis of euro, What Are you going to do with your choice?


Whether you think of a detached house and villa for investment purposes or to sit and live, we are with you with our wide portfolio. Today, it is possible to reach your dream by 20%, 30% according to Greece. We expect you with the advantages of our wide range and one-on-one consulting service.



Moncon investment has a very important project land portfolio in the south, central and North. We share with you the location and feasibility figures of the land you want to invest in or we will offer you.

In Montenegro, which has a young and strategic thinking management, project development is important for growth.

How long does your investment return to you with what return? In a foreign country, you can see the privilege of investing in real valuations and data instead of data polished by real estate agents with your own eyes when you meet us around the same table.


On Montenegro’s Independence Day, our partners who have returned to Turkey and experienced more than 30 years in the sector have created a very special portfolio. In addition, we have a very large structure to produce new options for you according to your needs.

We are here to help you to have and develop the areas on which we are developing projects and the land you want to have in the best possible way.


Montenegro consists of three investment zones. South, Central and North. Each region considers differences in terms of investment options and returns.

If you want to know more about Montenegro investment zones…



About Montenegro, when you search the internet for a short, you will find very few of the same information completely different from each other. Why would you trust Montenegro investment in a world that’s so different from the real estate prices… … that don’t match the high figures for citizenship in a week?

Customer Focused Service

You have your expectations and goals in the first place for us.

Sectoral Experience

We have a team with experience in their fields and their accumulation is your gain.

Local Area Network

We have a network that knows Turkey well and lives in Montenegro.

Realistic Planning

We ensure that your investments progress to the goals that are planned with reality.

Strong Relationships

We have strong relationships, both through our projects and the work we have done in the past.

30 Year-Over-Year Accumulation

Moncon invest founders have more than 30 years of experience in the industry.